Children from less-privileged communities usually lack opportunities to learn vital life skills. WCF’s initiatives therefore include programs in self-defense, physical education and creative skills.

Self Defense Program

Self-defense Program

  • WCF’s self-defense program aims to train school girls to defend themselves in difficult situations at home, in school or other public places.

  • The program offers trainings in martial arts, basic karate / boxing punches, static and dynamic stretches, ways to detect potential threats and deal with them, exercises to develop physical flexibility, and self-discipline and effective use of body language to avoid being a victim.

  • The program has been very successful, benefitting more than 6,885 school girls from Grades 8 and 9 across 102 schools.

E-Mentoring Program

E-Mentoring Program

  • WCF provides children with the unique experience of interacting with WNS leaders across global locations through e-mails.

  • Mentors from WNS' international locations, primarily the U.S. and the U.K., help their protégés overcome challenges with the assistance of local mentors.

  • These interactions give the children new cultural insights, help build their self-confidence and empower them to dream big.

  • More than 4000 children have been mentored by the senior leadership team from WNS.

Global Impact Day

Global Impact Day (GID)

  • Launched in 2012, this flagship event brings together all of WCF’s beneficiaries on one global platform. The event celebrates the impact created by WCF throughout the year through various contests and awareness drives.

  • The reach and impact generated by GID have grown immensely over the years primarily due to numerous initiatives such as art and essay competitions, spelling contests, math olympiads, cyber security, physical literacy campaigns and respect matters.

Physical Literacy Program

Physical Literacy Program

  • This program was launched in 2018 on Global Impact Day to inspire children across the globe to live a physically active and healthy life.

  • Children were encouraged to develop fundamental movement skills like running, hopping, throwing, catching and jumping giving them confidence to participate in different physical activities and sports.

  • The program has benefitted more than 100,000 children across 238 schools in 10 countries.

Cyber Security Awareness

Cyber Security Awareness

  • In 2020, WCF launched CyberSmart, a free-for-all gamified cybersafety learning ecosystem for the education and empowerment of students, teachers, volunteers and parents.

  • To combat the growing threat posed by cyber space to young children, WCF launched CyberSword - Fight Attackers of Cyberspace - in 2017 on Global Impact Day.

  • The campaign created awareness on cyber safety through a competition held in over 345 schools in eight countries.

  • Through videos and multi-media presentations, volunteers created awareness around the dangers of the digital world, preventive measures and strategies to pursue if children fall victim to cybercrime.

  • The campaign has reached over 4,583,139 children, youth and teachers.

  • #ThinkTalkTeach, a key initiative conducted in schools and through multiple social media channels, has had over one million views for its videos.