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A question of balance in age gating for children of the internet

16 Feb '24

Police officer Pawan Kumar shows his worry when asked about cybercrimes. Kumar is a sub-inspector with the cyber cell of the Uttar Pradesh Police and specialises in crimes against minors. “I have been working with the cyber cell for almost nine years now. Things are just getting worse with each passing day. We are witnessing astounding levels of innovation and complexity in crimes against children,” he said, blaming artificial intelligence AI.

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WNS Cares Foundation Partners with Responsible Netism for the 8th National Cyber-Psychology Conference 2024 in Pune

23 Jan '24

WNS Cares Foundation WCF, the CSR arm of WNS Holdings Limited WNS WNS, a leading provider of global Business Process Management BPM solutions, has partnered with Responsible Netism for the 8th National Cyber-Psychology Conference 2024 in Pune. More than 300 delegates attended the event held recently at Yashda.

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Here's why action-oriented to sustainability learning in schools is important

25 Jul '23

This transformative approach not only equips students with the knowledge of sustainability but also empowers them to be active participants in shaping a better world.

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Turning dreams into reality & aspirations to rise above socio-economic divides

13 Jul '23

This week for our special weekly column, The Pioneer brings to you about the WNS Cares Foundation, that focuses on bringing together its efforts to educate, empower, and enrich the less privileged, with its various initiatives.

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Impact Unlimited: The Promise of Digital Learning

09 May '23

In 1999, Dr. Sugata Mitra placed a computer in a hole in a Delhi wall as part of an educational experiment.

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WNS employees nurture curious minds

09 May '23

Over 300 WNS employees across eight cities volunteered in the ‘Focus on Science’ activity hosted by WNS Cares Foundation. They helped 4,000 across 29 schools in creating projects around diverse science themes — ‘Best out of waste’, ‘Safeguarding the environment’ and ‘Digital world’.

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Lack of awareness about abuses a key driver of rising cybercrimes involving children

29 Apr '23

Lack of uniformity in cybersecurity-enabled devices, absence of actionable parental concern, and lack of awareness among children about cyberabuses are key drivers of rising cybercrimes involving children in India, cautioned Shamini Murugesh, Chief Mentor, WNS Cares Foundation and Creator of CyberSmart, a free-for-all, gamified portal for children, that teaches ways to stay safe online in a fun way.

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India needs a strong legal and policy framework against cyberbullying: WNS Cares Foundation

07 Sep '22

WNS Cares Foundation WCF is the Corporate Social Responsibility CSR arm of WNS Global Services Pvt Ltd. With education at the core of its agenda, WCF helps to bridge the educational gap faced by marginalized children by pursuing a tri-fold path — educate, empower, and enrich.

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When the young become cyber heroes, cybersecurity becomes cyber- happiness

07 Aug '22

Today, we live in a world of irretrievable interconnectedness. The ‘butterfly effect’ cannot be more relevant as it is in our present ‘dot-meet-dot’ world. For smart people in a smart world of digital networks, such interdependence opens up a dark world of vulnerability. Huge volumes of personal data and information roam the online highway.

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