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People Who Make a


Dedicated and experienced people, including volunteers, school personnel and employees of our partner NGOs, work closely to implement and monitor the WNS Cares Foundation’s (WCF) programs around the year.

The Core Team

The Core Team:

  • Creates customized programs as per the needs of communities.

  • Co-ordinates with implementing partners, volunteers and ground staff across all locations.

  • Monitors programs conducted by the volunteers and implementing partners.

  • Provides tactical support for all volunteering activities.

  • Actively campaigns to introduce more employees to WCF volunteering opportunities.

WCF Trailblazers with Golden Wings

WCF Trailblazers with Golden Wings:

  • Motivate employees to volunteer for WNS Cares Foundation.

  • Serve as key point of contact / CSR ambassador in the region.

  • Execute WCF's events and flagship programs such as the Global Impact Day.

  • Co-ordinate with WCF’s team, implementing partners and ground staff to ensure that programs are conducted successfully.



Enthusiastic and committed volunteers from WNS locations across the globe form a crucial task force that drives WCF’s diverse initiatives. They are recruited as volunteers through various platforms, including the WNS Intranet (which offers employees latest information on volunteering opportunities), monthly volunteering calendars, broadcasts and newsletters. WCF has developed an elaborate infrastructure and systems to facilitate the end-to-end volunteer onboarding process.