The world's future rests in the hands of youth. Driven by the universal imperative to empower youth with the right environment and ideals, WCF has initiated programs targeted at enhancing the lives of high school students.

  • Ybrant is a 12-week Fellowship program that equips youth with skills in lateral thinking and perseverance. The program helps students develop strong leadership qualities, enabling them to network, collaborate and stand out.

  • It also emphasizes essential skills such as building relationships, transitioning from a position of control to one of enablement and understanding stakeholder theory. These skills empower aspiring changemakers to make a meaningful impact.

  • Students gain hands-on experience and valuable insights through immersive online learning and community projects linked to our ongoing WCF programs. Participants also get the opportunity to engage in workshops and webinars on employee volunteering, crowdfunding, social media communication and social entrepreneurship.

  • The program provides access to top-notch experts from Academia, Development and Defense sectors for a comprehensive and enriching learning experience.

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  • The initiative empowers individuals from economically challenged backgrounds to improve their employability and seize job opportunities in the competitive job market.

  • The program offers intensive training in core Business Process Management domain. It also imparts soft skills and awards full scholarship to eligible candidates.

  • MMC also encompasses interactive leadership sessions, career counseling, workshops and hands-on projects, fostering holistic growth.

  • Over 5,000+ students have already been trained in India, Sri Lanka, South Africa and The Philippines.

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Make My Career at WCF
The Youth4Change Leadership Program

The Youth4Change (Y4C) Leadership Program

  • WCF offers training programs to South African youth through a non-profit organization and also implements many initiatives to upgrade their learning environment.

  • The Y4C leadership program implements upliftment projects for schools and communities with the support of Grade 11 youth from disadvantaged backgrounds. The youth develop leadership skills through their participation in the program. They can then enroll in the Y4C graduate program (job readiness and learnerships) resulting in full-time, meaningful employment with WNS.

  • Through this initiative, over 4,600 students from four schools have benefitted from various development projects, some of which have even received an initial capital investment from WNS.

Line of Sight

  • This is a leadership program aimed at developing the capacities of students through experiential learning.

  • It helps boost children's confidence and enhances their leadership, decision-making and problem-solving skills as they prepare for the next stage of their lives.

  • Over 200 children from four schools have benefitted from this program.

Line of Sight