As an Intern



The WCF internship Program is a professional development initiative that offers interns an opportunity to participate in WCF’s holistic initiatives. At the same time, the program also brings fresh perspectives and energy to the work done by WCF.

The interns are recruited based on their educational standing, curriculum and potential. They are assigned to on-going WCF projects, enabling them to gain practical experience in CSR programs and their implementation, as they interact and learn from WNS employees, volunteers, partner schools and communities.

The duration of the Internship Program ranges between 9 to 12 weeks, depending on the timeline of the project and the time available to the intern.

Benefits for


  • An opportunity to find innovative solutions to real-world challenges by applying their academic, creative and interpersonal skills

  • An introduction to social issues as well as the significant role of non-profit organizations in community and public policy

  • Learning opportunities through interactions with fellow interns, volunteers and partners

  • The development of a strong work ethic, a sense of accomplishment and contribution to society, which enhances self-worth and motivation

  • A platform to identify one’s true passion and potential

Benefits for


  • An enthusiastic pool of volunteers to help in implementing WCF’s programs

  • The interns become ambassadors for WCF as they carry their experiences to campuses and homes, motivating others to get involved as interns / volunteers

  • New relationships are built with university administrators and faculty members

  • The program is an important step towards achieving WCF's core objective – involvement of civic society in improved governance

How to Apply?

WCF’s Internship Program is available in many institutions/colleges around the country.
The number of projects and number of positions are limited.

If you are interested in internship opportunities with us, you can write to us at