With the firm belief that only education can bridge social and economic divides, and offer lesser-privileged communities a better future, WCF supports and complements a range of educational programs in various countries.

Computer-Aided Literacy Programs

Computer-aided Literacy Program

  • WCF runs computer literacy centers across India to give students (Grades 1 to 10) better access to computers and technology-related job-skills.

  • 131 centers are operated in collaboration with Pratham Infotech Foundation across Mumbai, Pune, Nashik and Gurgaon.

  • WCF runs computer literacy centers independently in Chennai, Visakhapatnam and Bengaluru with the help of local, experienced teachers.

  • WCF also supports some schools with computers to improve the computer-to-student ratio and enhance learning.

  • Globally, the program is being implemented in 177 schools, benefiting 75,535 and Computer and Digital literacy campaign in communities covered 84891 children.

Digital Learning Centers

Digital Learning Centers

  • WCF offers Digital Treasure, a web-based e-learning platform created for lesser-privileged students across India providing a wealth of educational content essential for equipping them with academic and real-life skills.

  • WCF has set up Digital Learning Centers in schools located in low-income areas. The centers are equipped with digitized versions of the entire course curriculum content in English and local Indian languages.

  • The centers empower teachers to enhance students' learning outcomes (Grades 1 to 10). They also help students to understand concepts better, retain their interest in learning and curb school dropouts.

  • The program is being implemented in 127 schools benefitting nearly 88, 776 students.

Community Knowledge Hub

  • The Community Knowledge Hub acts as an educational support center, providing modern learning aids to students in remote communities.

  • It caters to 6000+ students from 30 schools.

  • The Hub has a science center with a physics lab equipped to help students perform a range of experiments, a robotics lab, a digital microscope to view biological slides and a bench for chemistry experiments.

  • The Hub also has an e-learning facility, a library and a lecture room where shows, talks and training sessions are held for students and teachers.