At the WNS Cares Foundation, we believe that dreams should be turned into realities, and aspirations to rise above socio-economic divides, should be nurtured. We co-create empowerment in collaboration with schools, teachers, parents and WNS volunteers for less-privileged children and youth.

We believe in a better tomorrow and we work with communities around us to ensure that their belief turns into reality!


Three Pillars

of the WNS Cares Foundation

Educate, Empower and Enrich.
The Foundation is committed to building an equitable society, through myriad sustainable and holistic initiatives guided by the three pillars.

With digital learning centers promoting digital literacy, mobile libraries that bring learning to remote areas and other innovative programs, the Foundation seeks to EDUCATE young minds and widen horizons.

Our vocational guidance, placement assistance and leadership training programs work to EMPOWER high school students to build a productive future.

Through sports, art and craft, self-defense programs and educational trips, the WNS Cares Foundation helps ENRICH lives and develop potential.

Our Core Belief

Every individual has the power to educate, empower and enrich is expressed in the equation I1 = E3.

Global Impact



schools have benefited from our computer-aided literacy program, giving 83,593 children access to digital-led education.


children now have enhanced language skills, thanks to reading programs conducted through mobile van libraries, school libraries and community library set ups, globally.


schools have benefited from self-defense programs that have equipped 9,551 girl children with the skills to defend themselves.

6.8 million

children have learnt to stay safe in cyber space thanks to the Cyber-Security Awareness Program #ThinkTalkTeach, conducted in schools and through multiple social media channels.

A Worldwide

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Volunteers Who Care

Dedicated WNS employees across all our locations, make up a formidable army of 15,000 volunteers for the WNS Cares Foundation. Driven by a shared sense of purpose, they contribute ideas, energy and time to co-create lives and help build a better tomorrow.

Lives Transformed

The Foundation's initiatives have had a significant impact on children and youth across the globe. With programs that supplement education, stimulate and develop creative potential and inculcate valuable life skills, we have been able to empower many to re-imagine their futures.

Global Impact Day (GID)

In 2012, WCF launched its flagship event – Global Impact Day (GID) – to bring together all the beneficiaries on one global platform through contests and awareness drives. Over the years, successful contests such as Art and Essay Writing, SpellBee, Math Olympiad as well as cybersafety and physical literacy campaigns have immensely amplified GID’s reach and impact. In fact, ‘impact’ is the operative word here – and that’s what we create, measure and celebrate every GID, summing up the programs conducted by WCF throughout the year.

Unique and memorable events have marked the celebrations over the years and participation in the various contests has grown manifold in terms of reach, engagement and experience. In 2020-22, the theme for GID was ‘Respect Matters’ – over 90,000 children from 250 schools across 7 countries were engaged through immersive, engaging sessions that exposed them to the diversity of ideas and cultures.